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Our Soccer Grip Socks

Step into peak performance with DZL Performance Grip Socks. Engineered for excellence, these socks boast a unique blend of comfort and traction. Socks with a grip! Our cutting-edge grip technology ensures a secure foothold during training and matches, or any activity. The innovative design features a performance-oriented fit, providing both stability and style. Elevate every step with DZL – where comfort meets grip for an unparalleled performance experience.

Everything you want is outside your comfort zone. Be comfortable there! 

ANTIBACTERIAL - Have the cleanest feet around with our DZL Techx technology. Antibacterial, Techx allows your feet to work in the most hygienic environment possible. 

EXTREME COMFORT - Highly elasticated, durable material for optimum comfort during work, training & exercise.

AWESOME BREATHABILITY - Eliminates the discomfort of sweat and embarrassing odour. Our high quality, breathable material used in the construction of our DZL Techx Grip socks allows for easy evaporation of all moisture. 

UNRIVALLED ANTI-BLISTER PROPERTIES- Strategic grip positioning allowing minimal slipping. DZL take Performance seriously so only the best grip will do. Our positioning grips give extra control and an anti-blister effect. Anti-slip action, preventing any movement inside your footwear, making every action count.

NON-SLIP GRIP - High quality rubber grip pads, strategically positioned to maximise grip and minimise wear. 

SIZE - One Size 7-12 U.K. 

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