Our Story

Our Story

DZL Goalkeeping Products was founded in 2017 upon discovering a clear need in the market for a glove accessible to all keepers that boasted the attributes of a professional level product. The reality is every pair of goalkeeper gloves have a life-span and many players, parents and coaches find it hard to keep replacing their gloves when they cost upward of £80 a pair and sometimes well over £100 a pair. We are very much involved within the grass-roots football & coaching so this was one of the main reasons behind the birth of DZL Goalkeeping. 

We have played in goal for well over 20 years so know the market extensively from International to Sunday League level. We also over the years have gained vital knowledge from goalkeepers at all levels accross the Globe to find the attributes needed to make the most high quality glove for all levels of the game. Many prototypes with combinations of latex, thickness and style were tried and tested by calling on the help from some of the most experienced players and goalkeeping coaches in the game.

Our Gloves are worn by some top level goalkeepers putting their careers and confidence into the gloves, but since the start we have expanded to an extensive range of products that we constantly developing; offering professional equipment for goalkeepers of all levels whatever you're needs, from Sunday League right up to the Top level . Since 2017 we've continued to not only offer that, but push the boundaries of design and technology while staying true to those roots.

With every single Glove or Product on offer you are guaranteed a quality product that has stood the test of time with over 20+ years of research and development. When you choose "DZL" you make the right choice, you make the pro's choice. The goalkeeper gloves you purchase from us are of the exact same quality and craftsmanship that we provide to pros everywhere and that is something we are extremely proud off and will never change.

Not only did we enable keepers of all levels to purchase such quality products, we have made the Pro Products even more accessible. We currently deliver the highest quality products we can and we will continue to deliver more and more Pro grade products. We are different and real keepers choose DZL!