Glove Care

The Only Goalkeeper Glove Care Guide you'll need!!

Glove care is key to ensure the longevity and maximise the grip from the gloves you buy.

Caring for your Goalkeeping Gloves 

1. Before using your gloves for the first time you must ensure you give the gloves a pre wash. Wash the gloves in lukewarm water with no detergent, this will maximise the grip and durability of the gloves and make sure there ready for your next session. Once you've washed the gloves make sure you allow them to dry naturally out of direct sunlight. 

2. Whilst using your gloves in dry conditions you must ensure the palms are kept damp again this will increase the grip and longevity of the gloves. If you are playing in wet weather it's a good idea to have a towel to dry the gloves to keep them in there optimum condition. 

3. After your session or match it's crucial you wash the gloves throughly. This can be done with plain lukewarm water or you can add a specialised goalkeeper glove wash which will help get the gloves back in tip top condition. Hand washing is the only way to wash your gloves, if you decide to put them in the washing machine this will only deteriorate the latex at an massively increased rate.

4. Once you've washed the gloves make sure you allow them to dry naturally out of direct sunlight. Do not force dry your gloves with anything... latex being a natural product this will only cause a rapid deterioration in the latex. 

• Don't hairdryer 
• Don't put them on a radiator 
• Don't tumble dry 
• Don't put them in airing cupboard
Basically just allow the gloves to dry naturally in a cool dark place. Let the gloves dry for 12 hours naturally before storing.

5. Once the gloves have dried it is crucial you store the gloves in either the bag they came in or in a dedicated glove bag. This will ensure the gloves are kept moist which will prolong the lifespan of the gloves. With latex being a natural product if left out dry the latex will become brittle and will be next to useless. 

6. It is key to not store wet gloves at any time it is very important to make sure you don't store away damp or sweaty gloves. This damp and sweet can cause bacteria to form on the lining of the gloves which will deteriorate the lining of the gloves very quickly and render them next to useless. 

Latex Deterioration 

At DZL we only use the highest quality latex available in the manufacture of our goalkeeper gloves. Latex is a natural product so it needs a lot of care, with the latex being In a working environment subject to wear and tear over many matches and sessions DZL cannot be held accountable for the natural wear and tear of the latex palm. All latex's will show signs of wear and tear but the latex will still grip till there is almost no latex left on the palm. We at DZL use 4mm latex foam so there is plenty of latex on the palm to further insure the longevity of the gloves we sell. Check out our range of gloves here