A Goalkeepers Guide to the best Match Day Warm up

A Goalkeepers Guide to the best Match Day Warm up

A Goalkeepers Guide to the best Match Day Warm up

A great game is never the outcome when you don't warm up or train well. Before your game it is crucial for you to be sharp and ready for the 90 minutes ahead of you. you need to be paying attention to a multitude of things from ground condition, the weather and also the ball you are using. All these things can have a huge impact on your performance in the game. 

What to "never" do when warming up.

Never stand in the goal and let players take shots at you from anywhere and everywhere. 

Don't ever roll out 5 mins before the game and just trust you'll be ok 

Like with every sport it is key to use your warm up time to your best advantage, preparing you for the game ahead. If you just rock out 5 Minutes before kick off or just stand there whilst 15 players smash balls at you. you'll most likely get injured, your confidence knocked and will 99% of the time have an awful game to match. 

What you need to be doing to be match ready.

First of all a warm up is very particular to an individual goalkeeper. All warm ups should be targeted to things you wish to achieve throughout your session. Some keepers may be a little tighter than others so would benefit from extra static and dynamic stretching. Some other goalies may want too feel the ball between their hands more so more small volleys and handling work may be needed. 

Some key take aways from this, it is super important for you to work out what YOU need. Below we will list a very basic 40-50 minute goalkeeping warm up routine that can be used and adjusted for anyone out there. 

Warm up Routine - what should it look like ? 

I would always start with some form of heart rate increaser, usually in the form of a few jogs along the width of the pitch of 18 yard box. this will get your heart pumping and get your muscles warm. You can also include your dynamic stretches into this.  

1. Dynamic Stretching
- Leg swings
- Arm circles
- High knees
- Butt kicks

2. Footwork Drills with Volleys
- Side shuffles
- Quick steps forward and backward
- Ladder & Cone drills

3. Reaction Training 
- Half Turn and Full Turn short strikes.
- Cone drills for lateral movement

4. Handling and Catching
- Half Volleys 
- Dipping serves 
- Angled Shots 

5. Distribution Practice
- Accurate throws and rolls
- Quick distribution with feet
- Longer Kicks off floor and out of hands 

6. Position-Specific Drills 
- Penalty area dominance – commanding the box
- Dealing with crosses and high balls

7. Visualization and Mental Focus 
- Positive visualization of successful saves
- Mental imagery for game scenarios

Please use this frame work to come up with your own warm up. There is never a right or wrong warm up order. It's what ever suits you and your game! 

As a little bit of an insight below is a link to a video of Edersons warm up routine pre game for Manchester City. 

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