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NegRoll PRO

£29.99 - £34.99

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The NegRoll PRO Pro features a Contact latex palm for the best grip and security in all conditions. The glove is constructed with a MicroMesh body which offers a dry and comfortable feel. A double elasticated wrist ensures maximum support and security when in use. The glove benefits from a modern negative roll cut design which offers great comfort and feel when in action, the negative roll cut ensures the thinnest and truest feel when handling the ball without compromising on grip or hand to ball contact.

In all this brand new glove is brimming with quality features and will stand up to the task in any situation it is needed!

- 4mm Contact Latex Palm
- Negative Roll Cut
- Double Elasticted strap
- Incredibly comfortable MicroMesh lining
- Stunning Split Latex backhand
- Wrapped thumb

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